Top Tips to attending a wedding fair 
It’s that time of year again when wedding planning is in full swing, for some this can become an overwhelming experience. Wedding fairs are a large source of information and there are many to choose from in the Alberta Area. Here are some amazing tips to ensuring you do not get overwhelmed at your wedding fair.

1. In advance there is always vendors that have special promotions or even give a ways so print some address labels with your basic information. Name, wedding date, contact information. This will save you time and writing so you can ensure you get entered for all of the contests.

2. Check out the times the wedding fairs are on, especially the fashion shows, even if you are not looking for dresses, it is a great time to go and sit down and take in the full experience

3. Leave your big coats outside, many of the fairs have lots of people and it becomes HOT in the venuewedding fair

4. Write down a list of vendors you are needing for your wedding, list a few questions that you can ask the vendors, keep it consistent in your questions so you can compare your notes after the event

5. Take pictures, if you see something you like take a picture, even if you will be not using the vendor, this will give you inspiration for your planning

6. If you can bring a second pair of eyes with you, after a while all of the information will blend together. Another person can help you remember what you have seen

7. A great idea is to write down the vendors you would like to contact after the event so a note book is a good tool to carry with you

8. You will be doing a lot of walking and standing so wear comfortable shoes and remember to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated

9. Take your time and don’t rush, remember that vendors are there to listen to your vision and find out how they can support you

10. Last but most importantly HAVE FUN! This is your wedding day, enjoy every moment!